The Faithful Fool

— is the title of my current work-in-progress, The Faithful Fool, a novel of Saint Francis of Assisi. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feelings about the saint, as well as my own inner journey as I write. I hope other writers, spiritual explorers and whoever else reads this blog also share.

All writers have to be Faithful Fools. Writing is a craft, a creative endeavor, a catharsis, a way to communicate to so many unknown people who still have time to pick up a book but it is not a profession. I believe it is a calling.

In a time when the format of books is undergoing a transformation, when people find it difficult to read anything longer than a text message or a Facebook post, a writer is a fool to spend so much time sitting alone, seeking words to convey what is often just a feeling or a vision.

Therefore, I call all such fools to share their trials and victories, their challenges and solutions. Most of all, let us encourage each other to be Faithful Fools.


If you wish to contact me for any reason, no matter how foolish, go ahead.


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