Self Sabotage

The words flow. You’re in the zone. Then it happens. You know what you want to say but the sentence is all wrong. It’s not PERFECT. It’s really not an important sentence but it’s needed. If only I structure it another way. What if I replace this word with another? Nothing is working. You can’t get pass that one line.
Why? Because it’s not perfect. Someone, perhaps thousands will notice it and judge you for it. You’re writing career will be over. People will hate you, they’ll talk about you, mock you, dismiss you for being a hack. Just because it’s not perfect.

My solution is this. Before I sit down to write, I tell myself, “Well, nobody is going to read this anyway so I might as well have fun with it.

What is your solution for breaking the crippling chains of Perfectionism?



  1. Vincent Cole

    I found the same thing – something that didn’t do much for me was treasured by someone else, so you never know. I guess the best thing is not to stand in your way, to see yourself as a conduit for a message through the written word.


    • Vincent Cole

      Thanks you, lonerloaner. Beautifully expressed – and I agree. So many self-help books for writers insist you have a “reader” in mind as you write. Never worked for me as I have no idea who would be interested. Fiction or nonfiction, you just say what you want to say.


  2. kkbrew

    I try not to be a perfectionist, so I tell myself I want to make something the best I can given my constraints (usually time). Also, I find that if I approach my work as really “never finished,” then I feel like no word choice is the FINAL choice. I can change it later, so no worries. (In short, maybe I delude myself, but it works for me.)


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